Suntem o companie de training și consultanță cu expertiză in management, operațiuni de vânzări, marketing și dezvoltare organizațională. Modelăm competențe, creăm strategii, aliniem procese și inspirăm atitudini necesare performanței.




Working with people in organizations to develop constructive characters, productive cultures and rewarding work experiences. Coaching individuals to achieve their goals. Training teams for skills in leadership, sales, management, coaching, innovation and creativity.

Filip is a leadership and sales performance coach, trainer and consultant with 20 years of corporate experience.  With a strong focus on understanding motivation and behavior Filip had various sales, marketing and people performace roles in the telecom industry.

Beginning with 2014 Filip is designing and delivering leadership and sales development programs using a combination of online/offline workshop trainings and coaching sesssions. Filip has trained sales people, middle managers and executives and has more than 150 ICF certified coaching hours.

With a mix of sense, sensibility and humour Filip partners with clients in the exploration of thinking patterns and personal growth opportunities. He creates a sounding-board environment for the coachee through active listening and questioning. He is a continuous learner on how we use perception, reason and emotion to define and achieve our goals. To find better growth questions he reads extensively in philosophy, strategy and value creation.




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